Friday, January 18, 2008

:: its my day ::

Jan 18 2008. Another usual 24 hrs passes, afterall its my birthday.
Actually this was one of the longest days in the recent past, as i was sitting with my phone continuously attending calls from 11.50pm(17th Jan 2008), when Raghuram Ashok called me first. Unlike previous years, this year therz no Egg / Cream Abhishekam. Slept around 1.30am, after answering couple of calls, with alarm set at 6.30am.

Guess.. i woke up ar 6.20am, thanks to my sister's call.. Wishes started pouring in from mom, dad, sisters, uncles, nephew, niece, friends including, couple from BWS. Lot of Mails, Messages, scraps, cards, gifts and Calls made me feel proud that i too have a set of caring people. LOL.

Then.. a breakfast at Sangam on the Residency Road, First client call from UdhayShankar of Intel, First client brief from Gunjan Rawal of Intel, Few creatives, few picture uploads to flickr, lunch at Nilgiris, on the Brigades, some cash deposits in bank, online update on the Ind-Aus Cricket, few more calls/chat with fellow friends and finally a call to Lions Eye Bank, JC Road, to understand pledging eyes. Yes.. gonna sign the form to pledge my eyes tomorrow.

Thanks to Sara for this picture...
me on my day (by peevee@ds)

I thought i may be going for dinner with few friends in the evening, some TV, some more mails, some more flickr... there ends the DAY. But.. at around 8.00pm.. there was a sweet surprise... Chaithu/deep/sow/aanu came to Residency Chambers. Had a Cake Cut.. few clicks and got my fave color long Kurtha. Thanks guys. It was already time for Dinner and headed to Tandoor on the MG Road.. Had dinner with all strange named dishes.

Post dinner headed home, to cut one more cake, few snaps an Excalibur shirt. So the time is 12.08am(19th Jan 2008) and time to sleep...

So... its not just an other day in my life.. Thanks all for the wishes and prayers.

~ peevee.


Kuttibalu said...

Yenn Iniya Piranthanaal Vazhthukkal :)

Side gapla date plan na Vituta ;)

Sharanya said...

happy birthday PV

Kshitiz Anand said...

Happy birthday buddy !
May go click from FRAME TO FRAME!
:) Cheers!~