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Chitradurga: City of Fort and Windmills
Chitradurga is a city located in Karnataka and gets its name from Chitrakaldurga, an umbrella-shaped rocky hill found here. According to legend the Chitradurga district dates to the period of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The whole district lies in the valley of the Vedavati River, while the Tungabhadra flows in the North-West.

The Fort of Chitradurga with seven circumambulations surrounds the seven hills of Chinmuladri range. Though the construction of this fort commenced during 10th Century A.D it was completed only in 18th Century A.D during the rule of Palegars, with the latest additions being in the years leading to the 19th century, during the reign of Hyder Ali and later Tipu Sultan. According to one estimate the total length of the fort is about 8 kilometres. Of the seven lines of ramparts 3 are built at the base of the hill while 4 rows are on the rocky slopes. The inner fort is like a bowl with a cup shaped valley that is more like a plateau, in the middle.

There are four main entrance gates with the walls built out of gigantic brown granite stones, and though irregular in size these are cut and placed in such a way that there is hardly any gap – somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle after it is completed. Constructed in a slightly pyramid-like shape ensures its stability. The lower three ramparts are protected by moats guarding the outer approaches. The Fort has never been overrun.

There are 14 temples inside the fort and the most prominent of these are those dedicated to: Ucchangamma, Sampige Siddeswara, Gopalakrishna, Subrahmanya. Sanctums of Ekantaeswara, Phalguneswara, Hidimerareswara are also established here pointing to the broad minded and tolerant nature of the community.

The city is also famous and in controversies cos of Windmills. In Chitradurga, windmills, built to tap a sustainable source of power, is threatening the environment. Scores of windmills have been built in forest areas and this has affected conservation. Windmills have been set up in at least two major reserve forests of the district - akkihalli and Jogimatti — allegedly against the norms.

According to the sources in the Forest Department, cases of encroachment and violation of the Forest Conservation Act have been booked against two major windmill operators in the district. The villagers of Gounahalli and surrounding areas in Hiriyur taluk opposed the construction of windmills in the Lakkihalli Reserve Forest and brought civil works related to them to a halt. Following the protest, forest officers rushed to the spot and filed cases against a windmill company. They reportedly seized vehicles and machinery.

Few pictures here shot during my recent visit to the city. Its worth a visit to this city and is easily accesible from Bangalore and is just 4 hrs away (198kms on the NH4)

A view from Fort:
together (by peevee@ds)

Wind Power:
wind power (by peevee@ds)

chitradurga (by peevee@ds)

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