Tuesday, March 4, 2008

::peevee pictobrowser::

Thanks to Sharanya (Panache) for introducing me to PictoBrowser website.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

:: PerGram10Paise ::

Bangalore is my second home, and that doesnt mean I'm blessed with some home made food all these years. In fact, im living outside home eating only Hostel / Hotel / Mess food for the last 14 yrs. In this long period of time, I had come across so many food items and payment options.

But.... here is a strange (rather interesting) practise of serving food at Nilgiris, Brigade Road, Bangalore. Recently Nilgiris, rebranded their Kurunji restaurants to "Masala Bread" in the Underground space of Nilgiris, and serve breads, cakes, pufs, cool drinks, milkshakes and buffet meal as well. They started the buffet meal with "Buffet Small for Rs.39" and "Buffet large for Rs.49" and given an option of choosing between Veg and Non-Veg.

For various reasons (Including, bored of Andhra meals from Avakkai / Nagarguna and liked the ambience of Masala Bread) we (my colleagues and I) started visiting "Masala Bread" regularly for Lunch. All of a sudden, couple of weeks back, we could see a weighing scale, next to the food counter. It took few minutes for me understand and digest the concept of serving / selling food by weighing in grams.

Each gram costs you 10 paise. Here is the Flow....

You choose what u need.... from the option of 2 variety rices, 2 kurmas, 2 subzees and 2 kinds non veg dishes.

Then... she weighs it and make an invoice....

Collect it and pay at the counter....

Though it looked weird for me on day 1, we still visit this place for 3 reasons.
1. We still like the food being served with all mothers love and awesome ambience.
2. I eat what i feel like eating
3. I pay, only for what i'm taking.

Guys... you can also check this place in leisure, some time....
Thanks to shivu for the pictures.

~ peevee.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

:: MyFaveBrands::

We had a discussion on our fave brands in BWS* group on flickr. Thanks to Sharanya(panache)for making me think on my faves...

Here are my faves for you to see and get inspired..
mine here....

I Will obviously.. add more.
Till then... revert with your fave brands...

~ peevee.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

::InSearchOf ::

The life on earth is not so easy for men and women and children. We all are working like dogs, day through night for that extra pie.

Here is a women, who do work as a maid at few homes and work at agriculture fields as well. But.. This scene is for an extra Rs.20 income a day. with a magnetic rod in hand, she collects iron particles from a burnt dump yard in the out skits of Bangalore.


How do you feel now?

~ peevee.

Monday, February 18, 2008

:: transaction ::

City Market, Bangalore is not new to me and i had been there for almost 6 times in the 30 months of my stay in Bangalore, especially to do some photography.

But.. this time.. it was very special, as we had a huge gang of BWS members, shooting around. Guess.. im lucky as well, as i got this frame.

Share your comments and critiques.

~ peevee.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

:: peevee @ THE PCA ::

Got an opportunity to showcase one of my favourite pictures in a photography exhibition organised by the PCA, on its 4th Anniversary celebrations at Ahmedabad.

@ Flickr...

@ the Venue...
peevee @ THE PCA

Guys at Ahmedabad, said, my picture got some decent / great comments from across the members of the PCA. On top of all this... this was published in DNA newspaper on 4th February 2008. Check the Frame here...

Thanks to Milip / Aamir for their support and Special Thanks to Priyanka for her help in sharing the pictures and newspaper copy.

~ peevee.

:: flower zone ::

This Circular... Flower Zone is one of my all time favourite pictures, shot at City Market, Bangalore.

Posting here for "http://photography-in-tamil.blogspot.com/"

~ peevee.