Saturday, December 1, 2007

:: Begur ::

Begur, which forms a part of South Bangalore, was also known as Behur, Veppur, Bempur. Some records refer to Begur as Bhaskaraksetra and an Agrahara. The Karnataka State Bangalore District Gazet-teer mentions this place as a pre-historic site since fields full of ash pits containing centuries-old bones and pottery pieces were found. There is an interesting Panchalinga monument (890 AD) belonging to the Ganga period here. But the general tendency to whitewash the outer walls, colourfully paint the deities in front of the temple in Eastman colour or concretise the exterior, takes away the antiquity and the old world charm of monuments, especially temples.

This temple is under renovation/beautification now... with the raised funds from public and goverment as well.

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Begur (by peevee@ds)

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