Monday, October 29, 2007

:: Environmental Refugees ::

MORE AND more people are being rendered homeless by environmental problems created by global warming. The number of "environmental refugees" is likely to rise steeply in the coming decade, which could result in a development and poverty alleviation programmes going awry.

According to a Commonwealth study based on the United Nations research, nearly 50 million people may be forced to abandon their homes by 2010. This has forced the UN to devise fresh strategies and norms to recognise and support this new class of displaced persons. "Environmental refugees" at present do not have rights similar to those enjoyed by political refugees.

Developing and Third World countries, mostly in the tropical and sub-tropical region, will face major problems if they do not take immediate precautionary measures. Lets fight together to stop GLOBAL WARMING.

Here is one Indian Example, on the MG Road, Bangalore.

~ peevee.

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Arul Jegadish said...

The reasoning is right ... but not sure how true it is to the current India .. ...

The people we see on the roads is not really due to environmental reasons but purely due to economocal and political reasons!

It was a good picture though!

~ Arul